Place your log in a shady location off of the ground but within reach of a garden hose. You don’t want too much sunlight to hit the logs, and you don’t want the logs touching the ground, which encourages other competing fungi and molds. An old palette, bricks, or concrete blocks are good for this purpose. Ideally, you can also cover your logs with a breathable cloth (such as a shade cloth or weed blocker) to help keep out sun while allowing moisture to come through (don’t use plastic since this will make your logs mold!). Once you have your logs stored, you’ll need to plan to water them regularly. You can water your shiitake logs once per week for about 10 minutes during a dry week in which it doesn’t rain (if you get a good soaking rain, don’t worry about watering them). Don’t water your logs if the outside temps are below freezing as this can cause your logs to split or loose their bark.

 When the conditions are right, specifically the temperature your shiitake log will start producing mushrooms. The change of temperatures during the spring and fall will signal the mycelium inside the log that it is time to produce. So be patient and let nature run its course. You can expect your log to produce 2-3 times per year for up to 5 years and remember this all depends on what conditions your logs are exposed to. Thank you so much for purchasing a log, you are now on your way to having fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Oyster Bag 

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Shiitake Log 

Place your Oyster Bag in the coolest place inside your home, out of direct sunlight for this will dry out your bag. Once in its place you will now want to introduce oxygen to the Oyster Bag. You will do this by puncturing holes in the designated areas located on the bag. Make sure you are using a clean tool when making the holes and also try not to disturb the mycelium in the bag by only puncturing the plastic. A dime-sized hole will work perfectly for your oyster mushrooms to receive the oxygen needed to produce. Once oxygen is introduced it will take 10-14 days before you will start seeing mushrooms. Once you start seeing mushrooms form as primordia it will take another week or so before you should harvest. Your bag will produce up to 3 times over the course of 8-12 weeks. The less you handle your Oyster Bag the stronger the organism gets and in turn will be able to produce at 100%. Thank you again for purchasing an Oyster Bag and enjoy your freshly picked mushrooms.